Lanzante’s P1 LM at Goodwood 2016

The ultra mad P1 LM by Petersfield’s Lanzante at Goodwood 2016. Kenny Bräck as cool as a cucumber.

The car has been converted by British marque specialist Lanzante, which is renowned for its work on customer McLaren F1s and F1 GTRs. The P1 LM is claimed to be the quickest, rarest and last of the P1 variants. Just five production models will be made in total, with customer deliveries expected in January 2017. Lanzante says the biggest change from the P1 GTR is in the engine hardware, which now produces additional boost and hybrid power to keep the full 986bhp from the P1 GTR. It also gets gold-plated heat shielding in the engine bay, and the charge coolers have been tweaked to be more efficient at higher temperatures.

Lanzante’s video: 

Put together by Mitch McCabe and Harry Rudd: