A Graphic Designer’s: Top 5 Films

Trying to do a Top 5 of anything I find very difficult. So this is not definitive and I’ll probably change it to Top 10. And then reorder it. Followed by changing it entirely.

My top 5 Films. None of them are to do with graphic design. I though I’d title it that way and see how many hits it gets. They are films I grew up with that really lodged in my head and I still love watching. Again and again.

Having put this together I should perhaps re title it Top 5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy films and remove Point Break.


5. Ghost Busters (1984)

The first film I saw in the cinema. I think it scared the crap out of me at the time. The humour is great. Brilliant actors. I can watch it over and over again and laugh just as loudly. I need to try out the recent female redux.



4. Dune (1984)

A lot of people hate this. Even hardcore sci-fi fanatics. This was my introduction to David Lynch when it aired on Channel 4 when I was 8 or 9 years old. The universe of Herbert’s Dune is brilliant and so unlike Star Wars or star Trek. The soundtrack was also immense.



3. Point Break (1991)

This is such a brilliant action film with one of the most brilliant chase scenes ever. At the time extreme sports were a really ‘in’ and the surfing and skydiving were amazingly shot. So many brilliant scenes and a great soundtrack from that era.



2. Mullholland Drive (2001)

David Lynch is the master. I just love the way he constantly makes you slightly uneasy. That there’s something not quite right but by using such beautiful cinematography and score. The cowboy is amazing.



1. Bladerunner (1982)

Beautiful cyberpunk multilayered sci-fi. Simply stunning. I’m not sure how to feel about the sequel in production right now. Hopefully it won’t be anything like Point Break.



There is no point in disagreeing with this Top 5. They are my Top 5. If you disagree you can write your own!